Quantum of Solace

by @sudoankit
advice, productivity

My evil habits are getting out of hand. I can’t let them manifest, take over my productivity. I need to go away to find myself, my quantum of solace.

1. Too smart?

In 2020, smartphones truly take the cake of being the reason for disrupting good habits, rituals.

They crash your productivity, drip feed you social media for your dopamine urge. Addiction sets in and after this everything is irrelevant.

Information at fingertips is a Pandora’s box. A gorgeous disaster.

I needed the off switch. I went ahead and bought a Nokia 105. A basic, no frills, phone.

This is it.

2. No Surf

Surfing on the web can be endless — it is mostly endless. Web is made in a way that you’ll keep surfing it and today with near endless data ( images, videos, text ) you can browse it forever.

I will need to converge. Focus. Mindless browsing doesn’t get your far.
You don’t win.

You win if you NoSurf.

There’s no “real” solution to this except discipline. I need to make sure I don’t click links after links.

I need to understand not to get seduced by the web in 2020.

3. Optimize

Often we tend to swing around, proscrastinate and beat around the bush. We somehow get stuff done but it’s not accurate or to the point.

Sometimes it’s extra. Sometimes not adequate.

I need to pinpoint my work. There’s no extra marks in life.

I’ll cut the redundacy, lower the fancy and rather strive to achieve a right balance without compromising ethics.

4. Health

I guess it goes without saying that your life means nothing without good health. Success, happiness, work, achievements everything are tied to your health.

You’re what you eat, how much you sleep, how much you excercise and how much you’re mentally stable. Physical and mental both are key to a good, healthy life.

For me it’s sleep. I hate sleeping. There’s just so much to learn, read and enjoy in the world! My sleep schedule is abysmal. I’m ashamed to write it down so I’ll just nod at myself and hope I change it for the future.

I know, you know and everyone knows innately how to keep themselves healthy. You just have to do it.

5. Future

I think this is a good post for myself. I’ll be back to share the results after ~6-8 months.


COVID is still raging but I feel it’s going to be alright. Vaccines are rapidly being worked on and most are aware, scared and are taking precautions. I truly wish we get back to normalcy in an instant but that’s just fiction.

Regarding technology, I’m exicted for the Apple M1 chips. They really have sparked a new interest in me – Computer Architecture. As we transit rapidly into the unknown future, I feel like Architecture will have a monumental role in the next few decades.

I have big hopes on Agrotech, Architecture, AI and Quantum computing, Space & Sustainable tech, Genetics, Immunotherapies and Energy/Climate advancements

I have ~almost lost the interest to play, discuss about video games even though a new generation has just started. Everything feels the same to me. Pixels after pixels. Consume without any reward. Video games have near to zero RoI and also are a pretty expensive hobby.

Detrimental to health and they often tend to induce rage, anxiety. Video game addiction is real and with publishers pushing lootboxes, MTX to extreme – video games are borderline gambling.

I still respect and admire video games – they are breathtaking and creative pieces of software engineering. They are very helpful to people in times of despair, crisis and are just a nice, confortable, warm way to forget your troubles and for today, just enjoy.

I am inching towards picking newer, better hobbies. I’m not ready to share about these today but maybe I’ll concrete one or two soon and perhaps achieve something worthwhile to share.

Stay safe, take care and a very happy Diwali!