by @sudoankit
vision, manifesto

This is a part of a series of posts that I’ll write which together make up my manifesto.

It’s almost 2021.

I’m in my twenties and I feel that I’m fortunate to be born in this age. I can feel the gradual transition of our race into the future.

I’m fortunate to experience the best of both — advanced technology and nature.

I still can wake up midst of a forest listening to crickets and sleep under a clear sky while my dreams shine golden due to the fireflies.

I still can smell manure, hear the flutter of chickens and squeaks of squirrels while I stroll through my village. I can drink pristine water, I can breathe clean air and I can sleep while the cool breeze gently caresses my hair.

I can store millions of photos of my experiences using a small device — a phone. I can watch movies, listen to music and search for anything on the Internet.

The Internet is the pandora’s box of the 21st century and we are developing it so fast that most humans in the world have a key to this beautiful, brutal invention of mankind.

My parents are academics and my upbringing made me curious about science and mathematics from a young age. I explored various fields to quench my curiosity.

I was perhaps incredibly lucky to be born and spend my childhood during the rise of personal computers. We had a Pentium II with 128MB RAM, Windows 95/Millennium and most importantly, Internet or Ethernet Cable which made my cravings for everything technology and science never extinguish.

Two years back I had written about my ideas, philosophy and vision for a future I want to build and live.

Here’s the gist of what I wanted:

I really want to pursue researching, writing and exploring to make the future we dream a better place not just for humans but also for AI. A quest for a noble cause, a sustainable future for us living with synths, AI’s and possibly aliens?

I always ask this question, why do we need wars if we can from the start remove them? A communal world can be seeded right when we make AI systems to help, protect and enjoy the good days life has to offer. It has to start with the culture, with the thought. I want to hit the right places.

There are a lot of questions and heaps of ideas stored in me. It’s the time to make these dreams beautiful, push science farther and probably, if everything goes right, the popular catalogues of the future have AGI and Humans together, as the front cover, interlinked by emotions and respect not by pure bred, synthetic bred, caste, religion or color.

We, the future.

Raising a glass or two full of electric potential for the binary hearts of the future.

I think I wasn’t mature enough to not realize that this isn’t possible in the real world.1

It’s almost 2021 and I think the future is already here and I’m late. I feel wasted. I disrespected time, I let down my vision, my manifesto.

Fortunately, I grew desperate. No, this isn’t bad you see — it’s good for me. Despair pokes my inner worry and when I worry, my mind starts to broadcast an age old wise saying which goes:

Worry is the misuse of imagination.

You can take away everything from a human. Wealth, relations and dignity but you can’t snatch away imagination.

Humankind has come this year only due to the absurdly powerful imagination it has. Dreaming is the magical word for imagination.

Dreams make us push frontiers, make us work harder, make us believe.

We win.

This decade I’ll win.

  1. It might be possible in an ideal world without any forms of interference and with unlimited capital, manpower and freedom.