My Precious!

by @sudoankit
advice, productivity

This is a quick post I thought to write for myself and pose a question for you.

Set Priorities

We all are curious about a lot of things. I personally have a huge number of interests that I want to explore, learn and understand. Sadly, I can’t as I need to prioritize my interests. I often dream of a world where I have infinite time.

Advice #1: Time management is key to be successful in any field.

Plan ahead, have deadlines and strictly stick to your schedule. Initially it’s hard and you’ll start slacking but trust me, once you make it a habit — your goals, social life and health all will fall in place.

Effectively handling time isn’t hard if you have priorities and group them properly. Don’t cram everything in a day or week.

Here are a few tips on this:

You can use various applications (software) or just a notebook to do all of this. I personally use the default Apple Calendar and Things 3, a todo software by Cultured Code. Just use anything that you’re comfortable with, it doesn’t matter much.

Passion vs Practical Thoughts

Everyone in the world knows money is important.

Don’t listen to preachers saying, “Money can’t buy happiness”. It may not but I’m not going to sulk, cry or worry on the road because if I have to, I rather do it my Mercedes, etc.

Advice #2: Generally, set practical goals rather than passionate ones.

I get that you really really want to be a superstar in “insert highly competitive field with less jobs and money, luck based or depends on a web service” but hey think practical.

Pursue these after you’re financially independent. After you know managing your money. You don’t need to rake millions everyday to pursue these or have a great life.

I have heard a wise saying which goes,

Purchase your desires if you can afford two of them

Let me express it in simple maths if it’s confusing.

To purchase something which whose price is $X$ – buy it if you have $2X$ money to spend. If you believe $2X$ will upset your budgets, allowances than don’t buy it for $X$.

As this made it more confusing, lol, let’s distill it to a simple concept:

Advice #3: Save your money.

Learn how to invest your money properly to profit later, set up bonds, funds, etc. Every human should know basics of economy, money, investing, taxes, rights and laws.


Quick recap:

Gollum finds the one ring as his precious.

I consider time and money as my precious.

What will you?