Stale Honey

by @sudoankit
COVID19, problems in the society

There’s a lot of debate on it. You might have heard about it. It’s on news. It’s on the internet. It’s everywhere but hidden.

We have been fucking a lot and making this world overpopulated. Jobs are harder to find, the pay is like a trashcan where everyone spits and security isn’t even dreamt in good nights.

Kids are pushed harder to succeed, they are scrutinized, they are discriminated, bullied and mocked.

Personality and character isn’t what defines them, its grades and achievements. Parents are concerned what the society thinks about them, about their kids.

I baffles me that this is just one reason why I see tears inside young minds. Growing up you realize what you love, whom you love.

You’re again mocked, your name sullied and dragged on dirt for choosing someone, for revealing your romantic attraction. There are parades, laws and both vocal and non vocal pushes to make it clear to the many.

A child can’t become what they want in the future, can’t love whom they want. It’s hard to push and be the dream you always dreamt of — it’s hard.

It’s 21st century and we have nearly have machines that will answer our phone calls, robots to sweep the floor, drones to make deliveries and cars that drive themselves but no freedom to the young.

It’s not just kids – everyone is anxious and worried. 2020 is taking a toll of nearly everyone mentally. I know it’s hard but don’t do anything stupid.

It’s this pressure that make many depressed. Depression, — it’s everywhere but hidden.

You get what stale honey would smell like? Depression.

Please laugh, enjoy and talk to anyone especially during 2020. If you need a pep talk or anything mail me at "moc.liamg@4101adnaptikna"[::-1]

We have overcome everything and I’m positive we will overcome this too. As Nike says, we will win if we work together and being sad, depressed is being lonely. Don’t worry. I’m with you.

COVID is a bitch. Stay safe.🧴👋🏽

Let’s win this together.