Deleting Twitter, Anger and Me.

by @sudoankit
social media, COVID19

I recently deleted my Twitter account and I think I did right.


The world is going through a lot right now, COVID19, racial riots, “woke culture”, cancelling people, sexual allegations in the video game industry and live stream community, games/movies getting delayed, again COVID19, job insecurity, layoffs, financial problems, no social interactions, American elections, censorship, etc

In my country, India, it’s really bad as well.

COVID19 (yes again), financial problems, unbalanced yin-yang of left and right clashing and spitting putrid comments on each other, bollywood, COVID19 once more, border skirmish at Galwan Valley, boycott of Chinese products, government ban of TikTok and other 58 apps and many other that is really really taking a toll on people.

People are frustrated, angry and they are damn right to be.

Right now any logical, civil discussion online is nearly impossible without toxicity and hatred.

Even highly civilized communities such as machine learning, math and recently slate star codex are affected.

Yann LeCun a popular and prominent computer scientist who has made significant contributions to AI (Turing Awardee) recently stopped using Twitter after his Tweet about fairness and color bias in machine learning dataset was received in a polarized, divisive way. (he was saying that researchers shouldn’t worry about bias in their algorithms)

Twitter, smh. People decide that you are bad due to a single tweet. Chaos.

r/math and r/machinelearning - two great, civilized and informative subreddits have started discussing politics and drama rather than focusing on what they were built for and this extends to many other good ones too.

Recently I made a comment about me being a fan of a popular TV show and a user started bashing me and downvoting it as the user didn’t like the TV show. The user went even further and started to downvote most of my posts and comments and spammed me till I deleted most of my comments on that subreddit and blocked the user.

It just was a personal opinion, dude.

There’s a huge “being the sheep, flock mentality” people right now. An excellent example is The Last of Us 2 (TLoU2), (look at the user reviews at Metacritic!)

TLoU2 is a video game released on the Playstation by Naughty Dog, a sequel to one of the most loved games (The Last of Us). The developers experimented with a controversial plot which many absolutely hated. Many loved it too.

Those who didn’t play hated it. Those who didn’t play also loved it. Fans those who did play hated it too and other’s loved it too.

It’s a personal opinion but nah, mass brigading (aka review bombing) and also excessive sucking by fans pretty much created an unnecessary drama.

As I said before, right now any logical, civil discussion online is nearly impossible without toxicity and hatred. Everyone is build up to unleash anger.

It’s natural.

Right now in India many boycott anything and spam negative scores. This is really stupid.

I feel the boycott of apps or products is without thought. I don’t want to boycott products which are nice and comfortable for me. I don’t care whether it’s made in India or anywhere else as long it’s a quality product as why should I use inferior stuff?

That being said, I fully support blocking TikTok and other apps for national security. I’m also really happy about the growing nationalism and developing applications, products etc indigenously but I see very less originality.

The so called TikTok replacement called Chingari (Hindi for “a spark”) has the app icon in low resolution. It’s buggy. Jio’s Zoom clone is literally a clone of the Zoom’s UI.

I see very little creativity and originality of Indian apps and I really wish in the future I can inspire and motivate people to craft a product, to give attention for detail.

Quality lasts, sloppy dies.

A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.

This powerful quote by Shigeru Miyamoto ( creator of Mario and Zelda ) applies to every product or anything you’re doing/working on.

It’s probably my borderline OCD that expects high quality products for India instantly but I’m still positive that we are going in the right direction by not depending on others.

Censorship plays a major part in online experiences. Freedom is not absolute. Even this blog post and blog is not without censorship as [censored]

I want to write more but [censored]

Doxxing is absolutely horrendous and I applaud Scott Alexander’s response to NYT (the NYT reporter was going to doxx his real name) by deleting his blog. I’m a huge advocate of privacy and respect people’s personal space. As of 25th July, 2020, his blog is up again.

I’m often furious at fellow Indians (and anyone) who absolutely have no regards to personal space or privacy. It’s always “our” stuff and they need to know everything about you.

Just go and freaking look what Quora has become.

Back off, guys. You need to learn to respect people’s privacy.

Let’s get back to Twitter. It’s right now a horrible place at least for me. Twitter doesn’t have a “downvote” nor anything to stop toxic comments or anything effective to stop trolls and fake news peddlers.

Everyone is hellbent to cancel someone, to unleash the anger that this pandemic and other shit that 2020 has brought from hell. I don’t blame them.

I don’t blame anyone as only I’m to blame.



I’m not worthy to discuss these and wish to stay simple than to jut myself into this cesspool of toxic drama but I want to write something not against or for anyone. It’s just for me.

Devon Zuegal’s post on this is absolutely well written and I hope our social life digitally changes.


Just iterating what I discussed,

I am only on Reddit as of now and if I look back, I left Facebook in 2010, I left Quora in 2016/17 and I left Twitter in June, 2020.

I find my hand often hovering around Reddit’s delete options but somehow I still believe that I still can fish out some love out of Reddit’s cesspool of politics, of hippies, of crime, of gore and violence.

Call it Magic.