by @sudoankit
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Note: This is a comment I wrote on Reddit as right now I’m going extremely slow on an original, quality post – I hope this will suffice the need to read something new in my blog. I expect the new post to be out around December last week.

Ankit's Definitive Future Timeline

Important ones are in bold.

2019 - 2024:

Right now human population versus space and food are adequate. Pollution is also alright. We have just started entering a sci-fi age.

2024 - 2035:

Population surge. Expensive housing. Global climate changes can be slightly felt.

Political turmoils as every developed/developing country is in race to acquire the most advanced tech especially medical and AI — as this will power their defense and thus enable to conquer, defend or form political allies/coalitions.

2035 - 2050:

If “Good night, sweetie” is for today, “Good night XB42!” is for this age. Extremely difficult job market. High skilled jobs. Earth is more united. Rapid transport. Digital age. Pricey. Exceptional healthcare and near zero illiteracy. Rise in religious or cultic behaviors. Body Augmentations. Clashes between equal rights groups.

I’ll be old as a fine whiskey.

Sadly though we will run out of resources very soon.

According to me this is the best time to be alive.


Mostly fictional but you never know.