by @sudoankit

I wish to keep this first post on my new blog short as this blog is specifically made for shorter, quick posts and writings.

I created this separate blog from my main one as because:

  1. I want to curate the main blog with high quality, orignal content.
  2. Those high quality posts take a lot of time as I need to get the interactivity (d3, various JS libraries, etc) perfect, research a lot, get it proofread, etc. It takes 4-6 months for a new one.

I plan to write at least 4 hours every week and at the end of the week, pick the best quick scribble, edit it a bit and directly publish here. Writing should be a daily habit.

This blog will mostly have smaller posts about math, neuroscience, AI, science fiction, chess, books, video games, fitness etc. You also might see posts about any other interesting scientific facts, personal photos and personal logs.

Thank you for reading my weird shit.